Steam Scents

Steam mop and steam cleaner specially formulated scents that work with your HAAN Steamer. Apply directly to the surface of the pad you are using, and the heat of the steam activates the scent.
Fresh Rinse - 12 pack
Use HAAN Fresh Rinse to remove lime and scale build-up from your steam cleaner. Original Price $7.20.
Works With:
BS10, BS20, HD50, HD60, HS20R, HS22, MS30, MS35, SI25, SI35, SI35G, SI35R, SI35BCRF, SI38, SI40, SI45Q, SI45, SI46, SI60, SI70, SI70C, SI70CC, SI70CS, SI70Q, SI75, SI77, SS20, SS22A, SS25, SS25C, SS25DR, SV60, FS Series, GS Series
Model: fr12multi
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