Smart Steam Technology

Smart Steam Technology

Smart Steam Technology enables HAAN products to deliver a superior cleaning experience from the time the box is opened. All HAAN products are easy to assemble and easy to use. They've been designed with style in mind, but it's what is behind the sleek exterior that gives HAAN its Smart Steam Technology advantage. Machine-powered pumps, water heaters, steam jets and Ultra-Microfiber cleaning pads have been engineered specifically for each model to kill up to 99.9% of household germs and bacteria, providing an exceptional clean.


  1. Distinctively designed removable water tank fills conveniently at the tap.

  2. Machine-powered steam pumps provide consistent steam emission and eliminates the need for you to manually pump.

  3. Newly integrated Micom circuit heaters shorten heat up time to 20 seconds.

  4. 15 steam jets evenly disperse 212º steam across a wide cleaning path.

  5. 4-layer thick Ultra-Microfiber pads create a streak-free, quick-drying, effortless clean.