Other Attachments

Organize and equip your steam cleaner with additional parts and attachments.
Mini Steam Head - Red
Mini steam head attachment for the handheld steamer of the HAAN Multi and Versasteam Steam Cleaners.
Works With:
SI70, SI70C, SI70CC, SI70CS, SI70Q, BS20
Model: rmh70
Squeegee attachment for HAAN HandiPro, AllPro and Complete Steam Cleaners.
Works With:
HS20, HS20R, HS22, MS30, MS30R, MS35
Model: rsqmulti
Accessory Storage Bag
Neatly store your HAAN steam accessories in this convenient carrying bag.
Works With:
SI75, BS20, SI70, SI70C, SI70CC, SI70CS, MS30, MS30R, MS35, HS20, HS20R, HS22, TS30, GS Series
Model: rbgmulti
Steel Wool
For use in conjunction with the scrubbing brush attachment on HAAN multi-purpose and handheld/portable steam cleaners.
Works With:
MS30, MS30R, MS35, HS20, HS20R, HS22, SI70, SI70C, SI70CC, SI70CS, SI70Q
Model: rswmulti