HAAN Multiforce and Multiforce Pro graphic header

Get the Power of 5 Products in 1

Five-in-One that gets the job done!

  • Steam Clean
  • Sanitize & Refresh
  • Deep Floor Clean
  • Gentle Buffing
  • Indoor/Outdoor Power Scrubbing

The HAAN Multiforce is the first steamer to include CR-motion technology that gives you the power to mop, scrub, buff, sanitize and refresh with just one machine. Cut your cleaning time and effort while expanding your cleaning possibilities. The Multiforce includes attachments allowing you to take steam where you never have before, outdoor surfaces. Moving scrub brush attachments attack messes on tile, deck boards and cement patios easily. Included buffing cloths help to bring the original luster back to aged hardwood floors or dull marble. The Multiforce Pro also features variable steam technology that allows you to dial into the perfect setting depending upon the mess and the flooring surface.

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