HAAN History

Romi Haan, entrepreneur, housewife, mother, innovator

Like most great entrepreneurs, Romi Haan set out to solve a problem. How can you get the floor sparkling clean without investing a lot of time and without using harsh chemicals?

The answer was surprisingly simple: Steam. When heated and applied properly, steam kills 99.9% of household germs, bacteria and viruses and easily powers away dirt and grime.

As a young Korean housewife and mother, Romi Haan had an idea that would free homemakers from laborious chores. Because such importance is placed on maintaining a clean floor, Korean women wash floors daily. Frustrated by the time and effort required to keep the floors in her home clean and sanitary, she set out to develop easy-to-use products that would clean and sanitize through the power of steam.

Romi, who started the HAAN Corporation in Korea, worked with a group of talented engineers and product designers to develop an easy-to-use steam mop that would clean, sanitize, and endure everyday use for years. She created more than a line of innovative steam products. She founded a company synonymous with serious engineering, quality materials and stringent manufacturing standards.

HAAN steam-cleaning tools were an instant sensation. In fact, a recent Gallop poll showed that in Korean homes that use steam, 3 out of 4 choose to do so with HAAN. Since introducing HAAN products to the US in 2007, millions of consumers have added steam to their cleaning routine for a quicker, healthier way to clean. Just a year after coming to the US, The Wall Street Journal named Romi Haan as one of "The Top 50 Women to Watch", and she continues to garner national and international media interest.

HAAN is recognized as the market leader and an innovator in steam technology. Romi Haan and the HAAN Corporation are committed to advancing steam technology and developing products that help customers spend as little time cleaning as possible!


The HAAN Corporation is the industry leader in steam-cleaning technology. HAAN is committed to providing continual development and innovation in its field. HAAN developed Smart Steam Technology®, a process by which all products are designed and constructed to ensure the highest standards in engineering, quality, and customer service.

With sophisticated engineering, sleek design and intuitive features, HAAN customers experience unparalleled quality and uncompromised clean. At our core, making your lives easier is HAAN's priority. We dedicate our business to making it easy to achieve a clean, safe home.

Earth Friendly

Good for the home environment and the global environment

You can't get much greener than steam. It is 100% chemical free. Using only tap water, HAAN steam cleaners kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and allergy-causing dust mites. High heat sanitizes hard and soft surfaces, loosens dirt and grime and deodorizes almost every surface in the home. It is a cost effective way to clean the entire house without using a single chemical.

Because HAAN steam cleaners use only water, there is no chemical residue or harsh detergents that can find their way into your family's bodies and into your local water supplies.

HAAN is continually improving upon consumer packaging to do our part in helping reduce waste. HAAN steam mops and cleaners also come with reusable pads and attachments. Less product packaging, reusable cleaning pads and cleaning tools mean less waste in landfills.

Additionally, HAAN garment steamers, offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to dry cleaning. Traditional dry cleaners use chemicals that are harmful to the environment and can pose health risks.