Carpet glide trays attach to specific Haan steam mops and steam cleaners to use when you want to deordorize, sanitize and refresh your carpets. Carpet glides are designed to help your steam mop easily glide across the uneven carpet surface while applying constant steam to loosen and lift dirt from the fibers of your carpet.
Carpet Glide
Multiforce Pro Carpet Glide to refresh carpets.
Works With:
SS20, SS22A,SS25, SS25C, SS25DR
Model: t25
Carpet Tray
Carpet glide attachment for refreshing and sanitizing soft surfaces with the HAAN SI series steamers.
Works With:
BS20, SI25, SI35, SI35G, SI35R, SI35BCRF, SI38, SI40, SI45Q, SI46, SI60, SI70, SI70C, SI70CC, SI70CS, SI70Q, SI75, SI77
Model: t35