Haan's ultra microfiber cleaning pads enhance the efficiency of your steam cleaner. Pads add scrubbing power, contain loose debris and absorb excess water leaving your floors virtually dry and streak-free. Haan’s machine washable pads are eco-friendly too.
Ultra Cleaning Pads - 2 Pack
Made up of super absorbent ultra microfibers that leave your floor clean and streak free. Fits all HAAN steamers (except Total).
Works With:
BS10, BS20, HD50, MS30, MS30R, MS35, SI25, SI35, SI35G, SI35R, SI35BCRF, SI38, SI40, SI45Q, SI46, SI60, SI70, SI70C, SI70CC, SI70CS, SI70Q, SI75, SI77, SV60, FS Series
Model: rmf2x
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